11 september 2008

eks ta ole

Ma ei viitsi tõlkida seda, aga eks te saate kõik inksist ise ka aru. Lühidalt, et narkopoiss Doherty ja ex-Smiths Johnny Marr teevavad koos mingit mussi. Ah, ma ei tõlgi, vahet pole. Uudis ise suht kesine ju. Lugege ise.
PS. Et teil halb mulje ei jääks, siis Marr on muidu geniaalne vend ja laululooja. Enamus The Smithsi asjadest on tema tehtud ja see sõbrad on klassika selle kõige paremas tähenduses.

Pete Doherty and Johnny Marr have recorded an exclusive recording of an old Smiths song.

The Babyshambles star and rock legend posted a live take of "Jeane", a former b-side from Morrissey and co, on YouTube.

The brief clip shows the former Libertine and current Cribs guitarist Marr running through the song live.

Meanwhile, it has also been confirmed that Doherty and his band will appear at a one-off gig to replace the ill-fated Moonfest gathering.

The Wiltshire festival was cancelled last month after police insisted Babyshambles pull out, amid security fears.

Organiser John Green plans to put on a replacement event at the Brixton Academy, within the next six weeks.

Babyshambles will appear alongside "a very special guest", explained Green. All ticket-holders who missed out seeing Doherty at Moonfest will get in.

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