24 august 2007

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Morrissey keeldus The Smithsi taasühendamisest

Briti laulja Morrissey loobus ligi 40 miljoni naelsterlingi suurusest pakkumisest panna tänaseni mõjukas kaheksakümnendate indie-bänd The Smiths tuleval aastal viiekümne kontserdiga maailmaturneeks uuesti kokku.

Pakkumise tingimus oli, et The Smithsi ridades peab ilmtingimata olema kitarrist Johnny Marr. Bassimees Andy Rourke ja trummar Mike Joyce kaasamine polnud kohustuslik, vahendab New Musical Express.

Joyce kaebas Morrissey ja Marri mullu kohtusse, kuna polnud rahul oma osaga bändi tuludest. Morrissey ja Marr kaotasid kohtuasja. Meeste sõprusele selline asjade käik loomulikult kasuks ei tulnud.

Samuti teatas hetkel plaadilepinguta Morrissey, et tema tulevased esinemised Los Angeleses ja New Yorkis jäävad ilmselt tema viimasteks ülesastumisteks lavalaudadel.

The Smiths lagunes peale neljanda kauamängiva “Strangeways Here We Come” ilumist 1987. aastal.

Ja originaaluudis ka:
Morrissey rejects fresh attempt at Smiths reunion

Plus the singer says he won't be touring himself any more

Morrissey has revealed he has turned down a near-£40 million offer to tour again with his old band The Smiths.

The star, who also rejected a request to headline the Coachella Festival with the group in 2006, was asked if he would perform 50 shows throughout the world in 2008 and 2009.

The only condition was that he would have to tour with the band's guitarist and co-songwriter Johnny Marr, thus meaning it the reunion not dependent on the participation of bassist Andy Rourke and drummer Mike Joyce.

Joyce famously won a court case against Morrissey and Marr in 2006, when he sued for royalties from his days in the band. The proceedings caused a massive rift which has never been healed.

The Smiths split up in 1987, shortly after they head recorded their fourth studio album 'Strangeways Here We Come'. Speculation that the band would reform has been rife for years.

Morrissey, currently without a record contract, also revealed that his forthcoming residencies in Los Angeles and New York, revealed by NME.COM earlier this week, are the last live shows he is going to perform "for the foreseeable future".

A statement from the star said of the forthcoming dates: "The desire is to go out with some great memories for everyone as who knows what the future will bring."

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